How To Get Your Visa For Vietnam Online

Need a Visa for Vietnam in a very short time? Visiting the Vietnam embassy and requesting for a quick issuance of visa might prove to be a tedious task. One needs to visit the embassy in physical, get his or her documents verified and provide the reasons for requiring the visa in such short notice.  The most convenient solution for acquiring a visa on short notice is through applying for it online. Most agencies provide online visa services that will help you get your Visa on Arrival. If you are not aware of the procedures then keep reading to find out.  

Procedure for online visa to Vietnam


Here is a step by step guide how you can apply for a Vietnam visa online.

·         The first step is to fill out the Vietnam Visa application form. While filling the form, make sure that you fill every detail exactly as it is in          the passport. You also need to additionally mention the number of applicants and when you are planning to visit.


·         The next step is to make the required payment. The agencies charge a nominal fee for their services. If you apply for very quick service          then the rates might be higher. 

·         Next you will receive the approval letter. Since you are applying for online visa, you will not be able to get your visa stamped, which is           done only at the embassy. The approval letter is the acknowledgement from the Vietnamese officials permitting your entry to Vietnam.

·        Upon arriving at the airport, you can get your Visa stamped from the immigrant office upon producing the letter of approval. Once you         have done that, you can visit any place in Vietnam without any restrictions.


            So as you can see, applying for Visa online is much easier and convenient than visiting the embassy in the traditional way.